Standard Storage Contract

1) Charges

(a)     Storage room rental charges are payable monthly in advance from date of goods entering warehouse and for each month.
(b)     Invoices are payable within seven days of the invoice date. Reminder invoices and correspondence after 30 days are chargeable at £5.00 per item.
(c)     No goods will be released by REDHILL SELF STORE until all outstanding charges have been paid.
(d)     You are required to give 30 days notice of your intention to leave storage.
(e)     In the event of any charges remaining unpaid for a period in excess of three months beyond the date of invoice without prior arrangement having been made, REDHILL SELF STORE  shall have the right (but not the obligation) to sell any/or part of the goods stored by public auction. After payment of ALL costs of administration, removal from storage, transport and sales costs plus outstanding monies due to REDHILL SELF STORE, any balance will be held on behalf of the consignee. In addition Interest at 2% per month will be charged.

2) Damage

(a)     Any claims for damage to all or any part of the consignment must be made by the consignee at the time of collection from the warehouse.
(b)     Customers should make their own arrangements for Insurance of goods in store with us. REDHILL SELF STORE accept no liability for damage caused to goods in storage units unless affected by external factors attributable to the responsibilities or activities of REDHILL SELF STORE.
(c)     REDHILL SELF STORE shall under no circumstances be liable for consequential loss or damage.
(d)     REDHILL SELF STORE can offer goods in trust insurance payable at £2.50 per week per £1000 value of goods, in addition to the monthly invoice.
(e)     The terms and conditions of this agreement shall cease on collection of the goods from the warehouse by the consignee or an agreed representative.
(f)      Any dispute as to the value or extent of damage suffered to any goods shall be referred to an Arbitrator mutually appointed by the customer and REDHILL SELF STORE and/or their insurers whose decision shall be final on both parties.

3) General

(a)     Goods may only be removed from the warehouse by prior arrangement with REDHILL SELF STORE.
(b)     REDHILL SELF STORE agree not to interfere with or enter locked storage units unless there is just reason or emergency situation.
(c)     No goods will be released to any person other than the consignee unless REDHILL SELF STORE receive authorisation in writing from the named consignee.
(d)     Goods will only be released from the warehouse upon production of an appropriate storage receipt or other documentary evidence.
(e)     No variation in these terms will be effective unless recorded in writing and signed by a representative of REDHILL SELF STORE.
(f)      Each condition herein shall be construed individually and the invalidity of any one or more shall not affect the remainder.